Sports Betting Offers - What are the Best Online Betting Promotions?

Sports betting offers – How do they work?

Bookmakers offer their best online betting promotions to conquer and build customer loyalty. With a policy increasingly oriented to punters, sports betting sites compete fiercely. However, as a player, you have to be careful not to get carried away by the size of these offers, since they are not always so easy to obtain. Below we will tell you the secret about the best online betting offers. Let’s go directly into the matter with the most famous of these: the welcome bonus.

What is the Welcome Bonus?

As the name implies, the welcome or registration bonus is specifically for new punters. Therefore, when you are new to an operator, they will offer you a welcome bonus as soon as you open your account.

“First bet without cost!” Is usually the phrase found in sports betting to refer to the welcome bonus. As you can see, sports betting will refund your first bet in case of loss. But that is not the only possibility, some operators offer to double your first deposit for being a new player, others will offer you free bets. However, it must be taken into account that these offers are subject to specific conditions that must be met before obtaining them.

How to get a welcome bonus at a sports betting site?

It is not always easy to make use of these welcome offers, especially when one is a beginner. First, you have to keep in mind that bonuses are not cashed in the same way as a regular bet. Let’s talk about the offer of the first bet at no cost. In general, sports betting houses offer a refund of 100% of the value of the bet, however, in this promotion a refund limit is specified, in addition, the first condition to benefit from this offer is that the bet in question is loser If by chance it is a winning bet, then there will be no bonus, although you will get the winnings of that bet.


For example, an operator offers a 100% refund within the limit of 50,000 pesos. If you bet 20,000 pesos on your first bet and lose, you will be reimbursed the bonus amount, or 20,000 pesos, for a new bet. It will be the same for a lost bet of 40,000 pesos where the refund will be 40,000 pesos. But when you bet an amount equal to or greater than 50,000 pesos, the refund will not exceed this value.Why? Simply because the maximum threshold was 50,000 pesos. Therefore, even if you lose more than 50,000 pesos, the amount refunded will not be higher.

Let’s move on to the second possibility of the welcome offer: increase of the first deposit. In this case, when you make your first deposit, the bookmaker will grant you an additional credit, equal in value to your first deposit. But, to collect this bonus, you will have to bet the amount offered, several times. Take an example of another operator that offers 100% of the first deposit within the limit of 100,000 pesos. To withdraw the amount equivalent to the amount of the bonus, you must bet it 3 times. Assuming you have a deposit bonus of 40,000 pesos, you must bet 40,000 pesos * 3, or a total of 120,000 pesos to withdraw the money.

However, the bonus will not wait for you indefinitely. In fact, bookmakers give you a specific deadline to unlock them. In some cases, it is 60 days and in others, 90. Some bookmakers cancel both the unlocked amount and the remaining amount to be unlocked once the term expires. Others are more forgiving and will let you keep the part of the bonus you already unlocked. Do not be surprised by these maneuvers, it is very important to read the general terms and conditions of each online betting offer before starting.

Welcome bonuses are very popular on sports betting sites, however, these are not the only ones offered by operators.

Types of sports betting bonuses found in the world of sports betting
There are several types of sports betting bonuses that make up the online gaming zone, each with specific conditions.


This type of bonus is well known, and is often combined with the welcome bonus. In fact, to get this bonus, you must make a deposit into your player account. Its percentage depends on the bookmaker and the conditions of use are also very specific. In general, the website requires that deposit bonuses be wagered before being collected. Keep in mind that the bookmaker indicates a minimum amount to deposit that is usually not very high.


Probably the most appreciated bonus in the world of online betting is the free bet without deposit. Players use it to make free bets. However, it is not necessarily found on the websites of all bookmakers.In some sports betting sites, the payment in your account is made automatically after activation (confirmation of the email address or phone number). Next, you must confirm your identity by transmitting the documents required by the bookmaker. Only later, will the immediate payment be made to your account.


This type of sports betting bonus is usually offered through social networks. Sports betting boats are challenges among gamblers, organized by bookmakers to maintain their community.


You will get a referral bonus from some operators when you invite a friend through a link and that person registers. This offer may consist of cash or free bets.


It is a bonus offered in combination bets and that, by nature, is difficult to obtain. To encourage taking this risk, bookmakers raise their combined bets, starting with a minimum of selections. As an example, we can mention the combo bonus that offers up to 50% of additional winnings, or some additional sum that the bookmaker offers on some combined bets.


Mobile offers are not very frequent. Mobile bets are mainly developed to adapt to the demand of players who opt for mobile media more and more frequently. Many bookmakers offer mobile versions of their platforms, and even applications.


Although attracting new players is one of the top priorities of sports betting sites, keeping those already at home is equally important. To do this, in addition to offering quality services, operators implement loyalty programs that reward regular players. Thus, every time you make a deposit or a bet, your bonus account will be credited with points, which you can later redeem for gifts, free bets or cash.

In short, the way sports betting offers work varies slightly depending on the bookmaker you have chosen. As for the welcome offer, there are several possibilities; either in the reimbursement mode of the first bet, or in the first deposit increment mode. Other bookmakers prefer to offer free bets to new players, or a combination of both offers.

Each operator follows its own policies and strategies.Obviously, the conditions to collect the bonds are also variable. It is important not to neglect the general conditions of the bookmaker and read the specific requirements of each promotion.

What are the criteria to get a good welcome bonus to place sports bets?
An excellent welcome bonus is one that has reasonably flexible terms. Among them, we highlight:

The bonus amount: a good bonus prize attracts most people and the bookmakers know it. However, even if it is a good sum, you should know how to identify whether bonds represent a good opportunity or not. Offers in the form of refunds are interesting and so are free bets. But beyond the amount awarded, you should read the bonus requirements and analyze what is most advantageous to receive: cash or free bets.

Free bets: it is the most difficult part for most bettors, since bookmakers usually put it in small print. The reality is that a refund bonus of 50,000 pesos in cash is always more interesting than a bonus of 100,000 pesos that has a wagering requirement 3 to 6 times before any possibility of withdrawal. If you are a beginner in the world of sports betting, it would be more advisable to opt for this type of offer.

Minimum deposit amount: the policy differs from one operator to another. Therefore, you must choose one that matches your ability. In this sense, the amount of the first deposit is a criterion to take into account. In some places, for example, the minimum deposit is 10,000 pesos, while in others it is 20,000 pesos. In both cases, they are not exorbitant amounts, but if you are a low-budget bettor, you should take a look at the terms and conditions of the bonuses.

Deposit methods: The more flexible they are, the better for you. Do not hesitate to check if your bookmaker offers flexible and fast deposit methods.

Withdrawal time: although on some betting sites

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